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API wrapping in title

COM API Create applications with virtual port interaction features.
Size: 314.99K
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API Management Studio virtual disk creation  
Horoscope API Build horoscope apps easily with this little Java API
Size: 77 KB
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API Horoscope zodiac horoscope builder zodiac API  
Eroiica API Integrate imaging with your existing application using the Eroiica API
Size: 9.61MB
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API edit document vectorize integrate annotate CAE exam CAE  
IMDb API A C# library for fetching IMDB info
Size: 12 KB
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class C# class Fetcher IMDB IMDB fetcher IMDb grabber  
NetFlix API A C# library that wraps HTTP GET and POST requests to the NetFlix site
Size: 32 KB
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Library API HTTP library NetFlix manager NetFlix  
Doc2Fax API Configurable Programming Interface for your own Fax application
Size: 585 KB
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programmer API application interface Programmer Interface  

API wrapping in tags

IpernityNET A handy API for the .NET Framework
Size: 78 KB
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Three-D Luxe Filter This Adobe Photoshop filter offers true 3D surface wrapping, image and surface manipulation and shading and also includes texture wrapping and combining images.
Size: 4.7 MB
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3D Wrap Photoshop texture Photoshop marble texture  
APISpy32 A system-wide API spying utility capable of intercepting API calls made by all active Windows processes and their attached DLLs. It gathers information about each API call including input parameters,
Size: 280K
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Oracle API C++ API API Network API Win32 API call  
AudioDX Wrapping up Managed DirectX AudioVideoPlayback
Size: 10 KB
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play player audio player Playback video player media player  
Vizros Plug-ins Two unique Photoshop compatible plug-ins, Curl and Twist
Size: 3.48MB
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API wrapping picasso photoshop keyman amharic software  
Jnix A handy utility for wrapping jar files in shell scripts.
Size: 195 KB
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wrapper use RXTXcomm.jar Launcher jar explore jar view jar  

API wrapping in description

Aswang This is achieved by wrapping the windows API to make it object-oriented while not over-complicating the interface or obscuring the internal mechanisms. Aswang intends to be extremely lightweight and f...
Size: 45 KB
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development class application development  
IpernityNET IpernityNET is a framework wrapping. It wraps the Ipernity web API for the .NET framework 3.5. It's easy to use. Just unpack it and start working!
Size: 78 KB
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API Generator for Visual Basic The API Generator is an advanced API Viewer that enables you to create prototypes for any VB API calls. If you have used the Microsoft API Viewer in VB6, and you are starting to work with VB7, the API...
Size: 398.33K
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generator API visual gui prototypes visual basic API calls  
Powershell Outlook Account Manager Net, wrapping the official Microsoft Account Management API
Size: 40 KB
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Library outlook PowerShell Library PowerShell Email Account  
EasyShapes The EasyShapes CylinderWarp plug-in allows wrapping, unwrapping and flexing the cylinder, providing a warpage capability not normally found in cylinder plug-ins. The EasyShapes SphereWarp also feature...
Size: 335 KB
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3D cube mapped video 3d cubes 3d cube 3d cylinder 3d sphere  
TestLink Java API TestLink Java API is a Java API that interfaces TestLink XML-RPC API TestLink Java API is a Java API that interfaces TestLink XML-RPC API. This API lets you call TestLink internal methods such as cre...
Size: 84 KB
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